Ring your cash register and keep the cash coming! In times past, Cha-Ching - the sound of the good’ol cash register made every business owners heart jump, because a sale was made. Today, ringing your cash register is as exciting as ever! To ensure YOUR cash register rings a lot, you need to be different from your competition.

  • You need to have a better and faster/slower, bigger/smaller product or service!
  • You need to offer the very best customer service!
  • You have to look the part!

YES, we say it again - You have to look the part! Check your logo, your letterhead, your brochure, your website, your email. Does it follow a concept? Do you have a corporate identity?

If not, Cha-Ching us today! We’ll get you out of this mess and into your customers mind!

The BASICS are over!

A website is not good enough! It has to be a fantastic website!
So, you’ve got a website, great! 
When was it last updated? And the design, is it something you carried through from the 90’s? Does it fit the rest of your communication?
If in doubt, Cha-Ching us today!
Get a make-over or a complete re-design of your old website making it fit for the 21sty century and if you do not have a website at all we will “set you up” for the world wide web!

Who’s AFRAID of Social Media?

Are You? Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are friends! Social Media a blessing or a swear word – you decide! Oooops, it’s not your decision – it’s your clients! And they love Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, YouTube and the like!
You need to approach your customers where they are, don’t you? You need to show them you exist, you understand and you care, don’t you? Of course you do! Cha-Ching us today and we get you going on Social Media!

Get some OOMPH!

WOW your customer with videos! They will love you for it! Movies, Videos, Documentaries, Animated Cartoons have got the same in common – they are loved by children, youngsters and grown ups! Technically, we call them AV or audio-visuals and millions of people spend more time in front of mobile devices, computers and TV’s watching them, than they do sleeping!
Ask yourself, can they watch:

  • YOU?
  • Your business?
  • Your services?
  • Your products?

If not, you need to Cha-Ching us today!
Let’s WOW your clients with a short online video and make them ring your cash register – Cha-Ching!

RUN, don’t walk!

We bring you up to speed! In hosting, design and production! Getting / keeping your own domain and hosting your website on a fast, reliable server sounds obvious. However, many businesses trust dubious hosting providers with the most important asset they have – their good name!

Just imagine the multi-million dollar oil company with the crustacean as its logo looses its domain name and now can only be found under www.lobster.whatever

Don’t be fooled, domain names are running short and you don’t want to loose your established online identity!

Cha-Ching us today to make sure this doesn’t happen to you! We offer you a professional hosting environment incl. domain registration!